We do both, we also work with management and agents to build and execute their artist strategies.  It is very important to us to ensure the two-way communication channels are always open.  Quite often we work under an NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement).

Occasionally, we will take on artists who requires a complete plan. This does sometimes mean that we manage it all.

Whatever is needed: from photoshoots, basic to music videos, promo shops and everything in-between.

Yes, sometimes we work with artists from A to Z: developing a stage name, style, songs and more. 

Every artist or group is unique. We generally start with a good discussion, getting to know each other to understand the artist as well as their thoughts and goals for their career. However, we only work with those artists who we know we can achieve results for. So sometimes, it’s just a chat. 

Once we have developed the agreed plan, we work to execute it. However, that does not mean the artist is not involved.  It is ultimately their brand and their image; therefore, they must be involved in every step of the way.  It is extremely important to us that the artists we work with are aware and comfortable with all aspects of the plan. 

That is the ultimate goal, plans change and that is exactly what we want. It means what we are doing is working flexibly as we go – with our mind open to opportunities as they arise.


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