We are Artist Brand Curators!

Without your fans, there is no success.  Reaching them to grow your audience requires a plan. 

We recognise the limitless opportunities of digital and the importance of aligning our clients with the right content to create impactful moments.  This can be done through direct fan engagement or long-lasting strategic partnerships. We take pride in our unprecedented attention to each and every client.

We work with you to ensure your passions are always aligned to our goal of turning you into a household name.


Custom strategies for your brand

We are artists working for artists; whether it’s with you or your management,
it is our objective to develop a program that sets you apart in the industry.

Full content creation from logo to videos and everything in between

Styling and brand creation

Social media channel management including campaigns

Cross promotion campaigns

Global awareness marketing

Public relations and press

NFTs, Crypto/Bitcoin & Metaverse opportunities

Distribution to all download and streaming services

Online stores and artist websites

Erykah Badu

“The music business is motivated by money.
Music is motivated by energy and feelings.”


Our passion for your success is why we only take on what we can manage.  We cannot always accept new artists to our roster, but we are committed to do what we can to help. We have been there so please do not hesitate to ask us!

Artist planning – turning your dream into a paid career takes your passion and our planning.  We work with new and existing artists to develop a complete strategy that sees you focus on your passion while we build your brand.

Artist Development

Working with the artist on song selection, developing skills through writing sessions, pairing the artist with producers, working to expand the artist’s network, overall brand development

Digital Strategy

Creating a unique digital content marketing plan that works to accurately represent you as the artist/brand to your fans as well as the industry. This includes everything from content, social, video, streaming and more.

Day-to-day Management

Connecting and managing your communications on your behalf; managing your schedules, representing you within the music industry as required, always working towards your goals.

We are a rapidly growing company built on passion and experience;
curating music and brands with technology.